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Unlike many other online retailers, we don’t accept free products from manufacturers. To ensure that our editors independently research and test the best items on offer in order to help you make an informed decision about your purchase – without any bias or judgment!

If you’re like most people, your bike is an important part of your life. It’s a great way to stay in shape and get around town. But what do you do when you’re not riding it? You need a bike rack. There are lots of different kinds of bike racks, but the best one for you depends on your needs. If you have a car, you’ll want a rack that attaches to your trunk or hitch. If you don’t have a car, or if you want to be able to take your bike with you on public transportation, a folding rack that can be carried like a suitcase might be the best option.

Whatever kind of rack you choose, make sure it’s sturdy and easy to use. Your bike is an investment, and you want to be able to keep it safe when you’re not using it. With the right rack, you can do just that.

It’s possible to spend a mountain of money on a bicycle rack for your vehicle, but the cool thing about this Allen Sports option is that you get many of the same features of those big buck bicycle racks without the sky-high price tag.

Capable of transporting five bicycles effortlessly when attached to a 2-inch trailer hitch, the 28 inch long arms can extend out to individually secure bicycles using the patented tie-down system Allen devised.

When not in use, these arms quickly fold up and out of the way for easy transport and to eliminate the potential of visibility issues “standard” bicycle racks can cause when not fully loaded. You can set up this entire bicycle rack inside of five minutes, too.

The entire system is made out of sturdy and durable steel construction materials throughout, all of which have been protected with a black powder coating. Allen provides a 100% lifetime warranty from top to bottom as well, helping make this one of the smartest investments in a bike transportation system you can make.

One of the three most popular bike rack manufacturers on the planet today, this compact unit may not look like much at first but it is easily one of the most intelligently designed bicycle racks designed for commuter cars and vehicles today.

Installation is effortless thanks to the risk-free torque set setup. A proprietary tool from the manufacturer is included to make sure this rack is installed securely on your vehicle. You get picture-perfect roof clearance with this adapter as well so that you can make the most of other gear amounts from this company, too.

This system is best used when mounted to vehicles that include raised side rails, though an additional adapter can be invested in to use this bicycle rack on almost any set-up. Designed for decades of use without any deterioration, this is a top-quality bike crack at a fair price.

Another of the top three most popular bike rack manufacturers on the planet today, you know exactly what you are getting into when you invest in accessories for vehicles from this company.

One of their least expensive options, you will be able to easily transport to bicycles with the help of this bike rack system – all without having to have a hitch available on your car. This makes this system pretty unique in the bicycle rack industry today, making it easy for those with compact cars to transport their bicycle without any issue whatsoever.

The patented technology is on full display across the board, from the engineering design to the aluminum alloy materials, “dial in” securing system, and the soft rubber cradles that are used to protect your vehicle when the bicycle rack has been fully loaded.

Frame adapters are available for nonconventional style bicycle frames, helping you to transport pretty much any bicycle on imaginable for just a small nominal fee and an additional lightweight adapter. This is a game changer for those with smaller vehicles.

It’s tough to imagine there being any bike mount system more simple or straightforward to set up than this one.

Attaching to your standard hitch receiver (both 1 ¼ inch and 2-inch hitch receivers work with this system), you’ll find that this mounted rack platform can carry to bicycles that way up to 35 pounds each with no difficulty whatsoever. Best of all, you can carry these bicycles fully assembled without having to pull one of the wheels off the way you might have with other cycle storage/transportation systems.

When not in use, the entire platform folds up and lays flat against your vehicle for easy storage and safety. This isn’t an oversized bicycle rack you’ll have to worry about getting in the way of you properly driving your vehicle (particularly when parking or reversing) when it isn’t fully loaded down.

Anti-wobble instability features are built right into this system, too. This provides that extra layer of safety and security for your bikes.

A simple cradle style system allows you to carry upwards of three bikes without a trailer hitch on your vehicle securely, safely, and comfortably.

The cradle system can be attached to your vehicle inside of five minutes (even faster with just a little bit of practice), and unlike a lot of other popular bike racks for vehicles, it can be easily popped off and tossed in the trunk when not in use. It will not take up a lot of space in your trunk, either, thanks to the fact that it folds completely flat for effective storage.

The way that the system has been designed allows it to accommodate most any vehicle on imaginable. Ratchet strap tie-downs provide extra layers of security and flexibility, and four different attachment points guarantee that you will be able to “lockdown” this rack system for your vehicle.

You won’t have to worry about your bicycles bouncing around or falling off during transport, that’s for sure.

Available in a couple of different size configurations (two bikes, three bikes, and four bike setups), you won’t have any trouble getting this trunk mounted bicycle rack ready to go when you need to throw your bikes onto your vehicle and head out for a trip.

The patented design features unique engineering that allows this trunk mounted system to affix to almost every sedan, hatchback, minivan, and SUV on the market today. It obviously isn’t going to work with pickup trucks (because they do not have a standard trunk but instead have a bed you can throw your bikes into), but it will work on almost every other vehicle – regardless of make, model, or year.

Multiple tie-downs allow you to safely and securely anchor this bicycle transport and storage system to your vehicle. It’s been rated for highway speeds, can carry upwards of 35 pounds per bicycle on each storage point, and full completely flat for easy storage when it isn’t in use.

As much of a minimalist bicycle rack as you are going to find on the planet today, this takes the rear-mounted bicycle rack system to entirely new levels by shrinking down the anchor points you need, allowing for three bicycle storage on an almost impossibly small system, and uses only high-quality recyclable materials to get the job done across the board.

This bike rack is made from 100% recycled materials guaranteed not to rust, each of which is lightweight and incredibly strong. Injection molded arms and legs are rated as the strongest in the industry, providing you that extra layer of security you might not have with other trunk mounted options.

Ratchet straps lock everything down and the ark based design allows this bike rack to work on almost every vehicle imaginable (aside from pickup trucks). It’s also available in five different colorways to fit your style!

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