About Us

Cycling is more popular today than maybe ever before and that means that there are more bicycles, bicycle accessories, bicycle components and apparel options to pick and choose from than ever before.

Making things even more challenging is the fact that all manufacturers are going to promise that they have the best of the best compared to everyone else – cluttering up your choices rather than making this a simple and straightforward process.

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

That’s why we’ve taken hundreds of hours to sift through all of the top options in the cycling world today from top to bottom, figuring out what is really worth spending your hard earned money on and what you should probably avoid or ignore – no matter what marketing and advertising campaigns might be telling you.

We give you the unvarnished truth about top brands in the industry and whether they are worth premium price tags, show you how to find better bargains and better value, and put you on to the up and coming companies in the cycling world that are going to be the next “titans of the industry” – and we let you know about all this inside information before anybody else!

Best of all, we don’t let any outside influences change the way our reviews are written up. We only ever get paid on our visitors choose to purchase products we recommend through our platform and will not – and have not – accepted any freebies or outside influence from companies that might be interested in steering you in the wrong direction.

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