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Your Bike Phone Mount Online Store

Strollers & Scooters smartphone mounts

Don't let our brand name mislead you, our selection of phone mounts aren't just limited for use on 2 wheels - these kits can also be used to mount smartphones on your stroller, scooter, buggy, or practically anything else with a bar or stem! Lightweight and versatile, our Tigra Sport cellphone mounts and cases are the ideal way to keep your phone safe, secure, and accessible on the go - no matter how you choose to get around. Easy to use, with just a simple twist and click, you can mount and remove your phone in seconds! MountCase also makes it easy to incorporate your smartphone into other recreational activities with a fully compatible line of Car Mounts, Sports Armband Kit, and more available in MountCase accessories.

MountCase is made from a super-strong polycarbonate plastic which adds only a few ounces to your gear. MountCase 2 offers the same great features but is fabricated from a composite case with a rubberized, flexible, soft-touch feel. Pop on the weatherproof and touch screen-accessible RainGuard cover for added protection from the elements. The Universal stroller mount kit features two adhesive adapters that work with any phone, or even your favorite case! 

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