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BikeConsole for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Bicycle Phone Mount

BikeConsole for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Bicycle Phone Mount
BikeConsole for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Bicycle Phone Mount BikeConsole for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Bicycle Phone Mount BikeConsole for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Bicycle Phone Mount BikeConsole for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Bicycle Phone Mount BikeConsole for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Bicycle Phone Mount BikeConsole for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Bicycle Phone Mount BikeConsole for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Bicycle Phone Mount
Brand: Tigra Sport
Product Code: BCI6PL
Availability: In Stock

Element-proof and drop-proof bike case and mount designed to deliver full, secure access to your iPhone 6 Plus/6S+ while you ride. 


The screen cover uses a patented optical membrane for near 100% screen sensitivity and fingerprint reading. 



Protects your iPhone from rain, snow, dust, dirt, and sweat (IPX4 Waterproof); Drop-proof against falls from up to 2 meters (6.6 feet).



Mounts to bicycle handlebars or stem, in portrait and landscape positions. 



Once mounted, rotate to a perfect horizontal or vertical position.  



Safety lock provides complete protection from impacts and moisture. 



Provides full access to touch screen, on/off and home buttons, front/rear cameras, headphones and charger ports. 



Volume adjustment controls on your iPhone 6 Plus/6S+ are now accessible.



Use most types of headphones including angled and straight jacks, not just the ones that came with your phone.



Anti-glare membrane for best outdoor viewing.

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BikeConsole Bike Mount for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus by Tigra Sport

Waterproof ▪ Shockproof ▪ Versatile Mounting ▪ Full iPhone Functionality ▪ Touch ID Ready


It's finally here! You waited long enough to get the new features of the iPhone 6 Plus/6S+, and now the wait is over for a Smart Mount to go with it! This vital add-on will make sure that your phone can keep up with the miles you log, while still only adding a microscopic 165 grams to your light, even the pros can use it!


Getting out for a ride should be a taste of freedom, and BikeConsole Bike Mount for iPhone 6 Plus/6S+ lets you go anywhere, anytime with your favorite smartphone right on your bike. The durable, lightweight case keeps dust, dirt, water and snow far from your phone. Mounted to a secure bracket that stays put whether you are climbing a hill or charging down a mountain trail, the case also allows full access to the device’s controls, including the new Touch ID feature of the iPhone 6 Plus/6S+.


Touch ID Capable

BikeConsole Bike Mounts are designed to protect your phone without reducing functionality, including full use of Apple's new fingerprint sensor feature on your iPhone 6 Plus/6S+. A patented optical membrane delivers near 100% sensitivity for full use of the touchscreen and Touch ID sensor.


360° Protection from the Elements

Dirt, rain, snow and impacts have a way of cramping your iPhone’s style. The case has been tested to meet strict IPX4 standards, which means that dust and dirt don’t stand a chance of getting in, and even water infiltration from multiple directions won’t stop your phone. The multi-layer shock and drop protection uses a tough plastic shell to prevent damage even when dropped from heights of 2 meters (6.6 feet).


Secure Versatile Mounting

The included universal mounting bracket quickly and easily attaches to either the handlebars or the stem, allowing you to choose the configuration that best meets your needs. Once the case is attached to the bracket, it swivels 360° for portrait or landscape viewing.


Light, Durable Construction

Durable construction doesn’t mean it has to weigh you down. Because our reinforced mounting brackets and cases are made from the most advanced materials available, the entire unit only adds 5.8 ounces (165 grams) to your bike.


Full Access to All iPhone 6 Plus/6S+ Controls

You don’t just want to protect your phone while riding: you want to be able to use it for navigation, recording your ride, and listening to audio. A water-tight camera opening lets you capture video while riding or stop and snap a picture of your latest conquest. The convenient home button and on/off buttons, and weather-sealed headphone and charger ports keep your phone both functional and protected.


New Feature! Volume Controls Accessible

You can now access the volume adjustment controls on your iPhone 6 Plus/6S+.


New Feature! Built-in Headphone Ports

The new built-in headphone ports allow you to use most kinds of headphones, including those with angled and straight jacks.


Anti-Glare Technology

The anti-glare coating of the screen cover allows excellent viewing in direct sunlight, giving you the opportunity to bike in any conditions.


Watertight Port Access

The lightning and headphone ports, as well as the home button, are protected using watertight seals, giving you full access to your iPhone’s controls without removing it from the case.



Apple® iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus



- Hard Shell Case

- Handlebar Attachment

- Mounting Tool

- Secure Strip

- Instructions

WATER: IPX4 Waterproof / Dustproof
IMPACT: 2 METERS (6.6 Feet)
WEIGHT: 6 ounces (168 grams)
SIZE: 6 x 3.25 x 0.5 in (15.5 x 8 x 1.25 cm)
MOUNTING: Fits tubes 3/4 to 1-1/2" in diameter (20-45 mm)
INCLUDED: - Protective Case - Mounting Bracket - Allen Key (for installing bracket) - Instructions
MANUFACTURER: 1-year warranty

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