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Posted by in on Feb 28, 2017 .

The jury's still out on whether or not indoor cycling--or indoor exercise of any kind, for that matter--can truly be satisfying and enjoyable. In the eloquent words of one multi-year marathoner who was blithely told to just put his exercise equipment in front of the TV, "I can't even watch porn on my treadmill."

All inappropriate content aside, indoor exercise is pretty lousy. There are, fortunately, ways to make it a lot more fun, which means you're more likely to stick with it.

NOTE: Yes, we get it, just going outside is so much better. And for the Vikings or fish amongst us who don't mind arctic temps or torrential downpours,...

Posted by in on Jan 31, 2017 .

The really cool thing about having a company blog and a company Facebook page and a company Twitter account is we get to see all the political viewpoints that people are relentlessly sharing, without having to actually dive into the fray. It's like pretending we're only casual observers to a swirling, chaotic storm of opinion, but not actually engaging because the first rule of social media is don't say anything too polarized in front of your customers.

So we won't. We'll just sit back and enjoy your posts. And some of you have been sharing some doozies!

But without naming names or taking sides, there are issues that all cyclists...

Posted by in on Jan 17, 2017 .

Whether you goals for 2017 were highly specific (ride 200 miles a week) or pretty general (get in shape), you're already halfway into the first month. How's it going? Are you in shape yet? How many 200-mile weeks have you achieved (hint: the answer should only be two)?

So if your goals were incredibly lofty or just a few notches above underachiever status, Bike2Power has all the right gear to get you motivated. For the die-hard athletes, try the Trio Sensor that feeds all your pertinent data straight to your smartphone, no wires required, and pairs with your favorite tracking apps. Are you on the less Warrior Challenge side of things?...

Posted by in on Dec 26, 2016 .

Misleading headline? I don't think so. Technically, Santa Claus, AKA the Fat Man, hasn't headed home to the North Pole yet. His image is still everywhere you look, from retail stores who haven't cleared out the shelves to homes where the residents haven't bothered to get rid of him just yet.

And if Santa doesn't have to go, neither do we.

Actually, what we're trying to say is if Christmas isn't over everywhere else, we don't have to stop the fun yet either! That's why our Christmas coupon for 20% off every item we sell is still going strong through the end of 2016. And hey, it's not like 2016 doesn't owe us big time for all the...

Posted by in on Nov 15, 2016 .

I had to wait to post this until after the election at the risk of sounding like I was favoring one US candidate over another. Who you supported, voted for, and wanted to win is your business, just as that information is my private business. So regardless of the name you looked for on a ballot or hoped would win if you watched the election from outside the US, I have to point out a very interesting point.

All throughout the interminably long election season, I had to avoid social media like the plague. Between the outrages "news" stories filled with click-baity fingerpointing and the sudden surprises in seeing people I thought I knew...

Posted by in on Nov 07, 2016 .

The most glorious thing happened in the wee hours of the morning, something so amazing that I didn't even mind the fact that it woke my up and ruined my extra hour of daylight savings time sleep: the heater kicked on. I wouldn't usually have noticed it, but since it's the first time it kicked on since last February, there was a very definite burning smell from all the built up dust.

So there's a rancid burning smell like an overused curling iron on its last legs, and I smiled with unbridled joy. It's FINALLY cool enough that the ridiculously low setting on the heater invoked the magic! And as soon as it gets cool enough, my mind starts...

Posted by in on Oct 24, 2016 .

I'm a firm believer in one of those "opinions so true it might as well be fact": you never outgrow Halloween. First of all and for a variety of personal reasons, I will never turn anyone away who comes knocking on my door for trick or treat, regardless of age or pathetic-ness of costume. If you slapped a shoe box on your forty-year-old head and brought a Walmart sack to carry your haul, you're welcome to a Reese's cup.

So if you're still young-at-heart-enough to dress up, here are some costume categories to help you out:

1. Incorporating the bike - Thanks to duct tape, hot glue guns, and refrigerator boxes, it's pretty easy to dress...

Posted by in on Sep 21, 2016 .

Tomorrow is officially the first day of fall, but unless the stars align and the weather gods smile down on us, it won't feel a thing like fall. In fact, the high today was over ninety degrees where I live, and it got well over 103 inside my car when I let a bottle of post-ride chocolate milk do something unholy in the front floorboard.

But whenever the weather finally decides to get its act together and behave like fall, there is something even better than pumpkin spice and fun size candy bars to look forward to: century rides.

Charity rides and centuries abound in the fall when it's finally cool enough to enjoy them. Training for...

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